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How Does High Blood Pressure Impact Your Vision?

The eyes contain tiny blood vessels, and high blood pressure can harm the eyes and vision. Most people do not have symptoms of eye problems until the later stages of the disease. Here are ways in which high blood pressure can impact your vision. 

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What is Unsafe Eye Pressure?

Regular eye exams are essential for everyone as they allow your eye doctor to check your vision and intraocular pressure. Doing so helps monitor your eye health and determines if your optic nerve is well. The eyes are full of fluid to keep them inflated, and healthy eyes drain fluid freely to maintain steady eye pressure. Normal eye pressure is different from one person to the other and the pressure can change during the day.

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The Difference Between Chronic and Acute Glaucoma

While there are many different types of glaucoma, ophthalmologists usually group them into two main categories. These are chronic glaucoma and acute glaucoma. All kinds of glaucoma in both categories result from damage to the optic nerve, which can eventually cause blindness. 

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Cataract Rupture

Can Cataracts Rupture, and What to Do?

When cataracts cloud the eyes, they fail to function effectively. It results in blurred vision and other vision changes. Treatment for cataracts involves surgery. It is helpful to find out if cataracts can rupture and what to do.

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Eye Problems and nervous system

Neuro-ophthalmology Disorders and How to Treat Them

Neurological disorders can affect the eyes and vision, impacting a patient’s daily life. The eyes receive visual images, but the brain interprets the information received. This allows an individual to “see” the images.

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How Can Diabetes Affect Eye Health? | Florida Vision | Eye Care

How Can Diabetes Affect Eye Health?

If you have diabetes, you have a high risk of getting eye problems that can sometimes lead to blindness. Although the eyes are never the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about diabetes, your vision can become damaged by the disease.

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Dry Eye Relief

Common Causes and Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common eye condition that occurs when the eyes cannot produce enough tears for lubrication. Dry eyes also happen when you have poor-quality tears. Your tears can become unstable due to various reasons.

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Double Vision (Diplopia): Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Double vision or diplopia is about seeing two images of the same object instead of one. The condition affects your reading ability, movement, and balance. This may happen in only one eye or both, which is severe when in both eyes.

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