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"I drove almost 5 hours to see Dr Samy, he is well worth it. He is very knowledgeable, caring Doctor, He calmly and patiently help you understand his recommendations and what you can therefore expect.. for those who have a complicated issue with your eyes this is the Doctor you want to see"

Alli E.

“Dr. Hazem Samy gave me such relief yesterday when he told me all I had was severe dry eyes versus a neurological condition. I did his eye treatment, and, for starters, my eyes feel so much better!! I know I will need glasses, but they will need to be as less special as originally thought. Thank you for making a very nervous patient into a relaxed one. I can't thank the doctor enough!​​​​​​​”

Elena J.

"I was referred to Dr. Samy. I was nervous but his excellent staff put me at ease immediately. Dr. Samy took his time and went over all the tests with me thoroughly and patiently. The office was clean and quiet. I would definitely recommend this doctor and staff.."

Celeste B.

"My husband was losing his eyesight. We went from Dr. to Dr. and were told that he had a stroke to the optic nerve. We finally went to Dr. Samy and after test, after test, he informed us it was not a stroke; it was from a medication that he is taking. We are so thankful for Dr. Samy and will recommend him to anyone having an eye problem."

Sandy P.

"My husband developed double vision along with tilted vision from chemo and we were so blessed to have been referred to Dr. Samy!! After two surgery's and a year-long road he can now see correctly, may need special glasses but we couldn't have gotten where we are now without Dr. Samy he is the best, we travel to Jacksonville from Gainesville but would follow him anywhere!! His staff is very professional and friendly."

Janice M.

"He’s an amazing and smart doctor who takes his time with each patient and explains everything. You never feel rushed. He’s also a great doctor to work for. If your looking for an ophthalmologist and need new glasses or have or think you may have cataracts or glaucoma, he’s the doctor to call."

Tara R.

"Dr. Samy and the entire staff are simply amazing. Extremely
professional and knowledgeable. Very thorough and detailed. Highly
recommend this great team."

Cheryl G.

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