Ponte Vedra Laser Eye Care

Ponte Vedra Laser Eye Care

Ponte Vedra Laser Eye Care

Ponte Vedra Laser Eye Care

Laser Surgery in Ponte Vedra

Cataracts get worse over time, eventually robbing you of enough vision that even the help of eyeglasses or contact lenses is not enough to restore the degree of eyesight you need. Fortunately, expert cataract surgery here at Quality Eye Care Clinic gives you back your vision. And because its laser-assisted, the accuracy is greater and there’s less risk. Feel confident in taking advantage of our Ponte Vedra laser eye care.

When deposits of protein form on the outer surface of your eyes’ lenses, this is what is known as cataracts. It’s not a painful condition, and in fact there are no symptoms for you to notice during its early stages. As the deposits increase in quantity, and grow larger in size, though, you are going to become aware. Blurry or cloudy vision is typical. Special prescription lenses are the first option when it comes to treatment. And for most patients, that will remain so for a long time, although updates to the prescription are required from time to time to account for the advancement of the disease. Where our Ponte Vedra laser eye care comes in is when you can no longer obtain the desired outcome from your glasses or contacts. Your eye lenses will be removed surgically, and then they are replaced with prosthetic lenses, which are called intraocular lens implants, or simply IOLs. Depending on various circumstances, including your vision needs and your insurance coverage, your IOLs may be either monofocal or multifocal. With the monofocal IOLs, you may need reading glasses for seeing up close. In both cases, though, you will be freed from the cloudy and blurry vision of cataracts and enjoy new independence to do the things you want to.

Reach out to our office so that we can arrange a consultation and examination for you to determine if you are a good candidate for our Ponte Vedra laser eye care.

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