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In childhood, the susceptibility for certain eye conditions is a concern. Strabismus, or what is often called crossed eyes, is one of those conditions. It is related to the connection made between the brain and the eyes. Unfortunately, the effects of it can continue on into adulthood. Or in some cases, it’s also possible to contract it for the very first time later in life. And if that does happen, seek us out at Quality Eye Care Clinic, where you can be assured of expert diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment for it.

The most common manifestation of adult strabismus is double vision, which is most certainly a hindrance to your ability to see and to do all of the things that are part of your daily life. Fortunately, our Ponte Vedra eye specialist has the skills and experience to deal with it. Many people who have adult strabismus feel a sense of despair about it, but there are two ways that the situations can be effectively treated. Both have an impressive track record of success, though the one that is most suited to your needs will have to be determined by our Ponte Vedra eye specialist based on various factors, including your preferences and whether your insurance will cover a surgical procedure. Fortunately, most of them do, but it’s a good idea to find that out before making a conclusive decision about how to proceed. Prismatic glasses are one way to go. They correct the double vision and allow you to see better. And while that is the good news, the bad news is that the root causes of your adult strabismus will not have been addressed. The glasses simply deal with the effects. Surgical correction is the permanent answer.

Please reach out to our office to schedule an examination and consultation with our Ponte Vedra eye specialist to assess your adult strabismus.

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