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Papilledema in Jacksonville

It’s no secret that getting on top of health issues early goes a long way toward preventing long-term damage. With that said, sometimes symptoms of eye conditions aren’t so obvious. Papilledema, for instance, is a rather quiet condition at first. But eventually it makes its presence known. That’s why it’s important to get checkups at a place like Quality Eye Care Clinic. Meet with our Jacksonville eye doctor as soon as possible.

What in the world is papilledema? No need to rush over to the web dictionary—we’ve got you covered. In a nutshell, Papilledema is a partial swelling of the optic nerve (within the eye), a byproduct of increased pressure around the brain—sometimes caused by the presence of a tumor. Symptoms can include headaches, impaired vision, vomiting or a combination of these. Other common causes of Papilledema include: head injury, bleeding of the brain, inflammation of the brain, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, and uncontrolled hypertension. In order to diagnose this condition, a professional usually uses an ophthalmoscope (light with magnifying lenses) to look in the back of the eye. With that said, it’s pivotal that you don’t waste time dawdling in uncertainty. In general, it’s important to get regular eye and vision examinations in order to snuff out sneaky conditions before they’ve had a change to rear their heads. In other words… if you haven’t already, perhaps it’s best to carve up some time out of your schedule and head over to Quality Eye Care Clinic. Speak to our Jacksonville eye doctor for an evaluation and proper treatment.

How do you go about making an appointment? That’s the easiest part. All that’s required from you is a phone call or e-mail in advance to schedule a meeting with one of our Quality eye care professionals. Once you’re penciled in, it won’t be long before you get taken care of by our Jacksonville eye doctor.

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