Jacksonville Cataract Surgery

Jacksonville Cataract Surgery

Jacksonville Cataract Surgery

Jacksonville Cataract Surgery

Cataracts in Jacksonville

Cataracts is an eye disease that leads to cloudy or blurry vision. Although more than half of cases are diagnosed in those 65 and older, it’s important to know that people of all ages are prone to it. Here at Quality Eye Care Clinic, you can depend on timely diagnosis and treatment. We want you to know all the important aspects of this condition so that you can continue to enjoy optimal vision with our Jacksonville cataract surgery.

What are the causes of this disease? Heredity places a part. Cataracts can even be present at birth. Diabetes or exposure to radiation increase your risk. And some prescription medication, such as diuretics and corticosteroids, are linked to the development of cataracts. Also, f you smoke or you drink alcohol heavily, you may have more of a chance of getting this eye condition. Symptoms are often nonexistent in the early stages, which is a big reason to come in for a yearly eye exam. As the disease progresses, you may experience problems driving at night, double vision, changes in color perception, and the feeling that there is a film over your eyes, all accompanied by blurry vision. Diagnostic testing includes a slit lamp exam, which is a baseline for detection. Initially, you may do very well with a special prescription for glasses or contacts. Over time, though, those options often cease to be sufficient. Our Jacksonville cataract surgery is safe and has a high degree of success. Your natural eye lenses, on which cataracts form, are removed, and then replaced with intraocular lens implants, or IOLs. These IOLs come in monofocal, multi-focal, and toric versions, so no matter if you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism, or some combination of those, you will not only see with greater clarity, but more sharply at all distances.

To schedule an appointment for determining if you’re a good candidate for our Jacksonville cataract surgery, call us today.

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