How Does High Blood Pressure Impact Your Vision?

How Does High Blood Pressure Impact Your Vision?

How Does High Blood Pressure Impact Your Vision?

How Does High Blood Pressure Impact Your Vision?

High blood pressure or hypertension can damage the body and may continue for years before symptoms occur. If not controlled, the condition can cause disability and impact the quality of life. It can even lead to a stroke or heart attack. 


The eyes contain tiny blood vessels, and high blood pressure can harm the eyes and vision. Most people do not have symptoms of eye problems until the later stages of the disease. Here are ways in which high blood pressure can impact your vision. 


High Blood Pressure and Eye Health


High blood pressure or hypertension forces the heart to work harder in its blood supply function. It can lead to serious health issues, including heart and kidney problems and stroke. Some factors increase the risk of hypertension, such as obesity, stress, smoking, and genetics. 


Older individuals and people who consume too much alcohol are more likely to suffer from hypertension. High blood pressure can also affect eye health and vision.  


Vision Loss From Stroke


High blood pressure can cause a stroke. Damage to the section of the brain responsible for image processing, or damage to the optic nerve, can harm vision. Most people who suffer a stroke end up with some vision loss. 


Fluid Buildup Beneath the Retina


Choroidopathy is the buildup of fluid beneath the retina, a condition caused by high blood pressure. The light-sensitive tissue behind the eyeball is affected, which can lead to distorted vision. It can also cause retinal scarring that can impair vision. 


Optic Neuropathy or Nerve Damage


Hypertension can affect the flow of blood to the retina. Blocked or poor blood flow can lead to optic nerve damage that can kill nerve cells. It can lead to temporary or permanent loss of vision. Sudden symptoms of the condition are a medical emergency. 


Hypertensive Retinopathy or Blood Vessel Damage  


High blood pressure can cause damage to blood vessels or retinopathy. Reduced blood flow to the retina causes blurred vision and can lead to loss of sight. People who have high blood pressure, as well as diabetes, have an even higher risk of retinopathy. Managing blood pressure helps treat hypertensive retinopathy. 


Symptoms of Hypertensive Retinopathy 


Most people do not experience the symptoms of hypertensive retinopathy in the mild to moderate stage. The condition is usually detected during an eye exam. Accelerated or severe hypertensive retinopathy is characterized by dim vision, double vision, eye swelling, and headaches. In its severe form, the condition can occur during pregnancy, making prenatal care vital. 


Preventing Hypertensive Retinopathy


Lowering blood pressure can help control or treat hypertensive retinopathy. You need to maintain healthy or normal levels to prevent the disease. Eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight are vital for good eye health. You should also ensure that you take prescribed blood pressure medications diligently. 


High blood pressure impacts vision by damaging the delicate blood vessels in the eyes. Patients experience various symptoms, including blurred vision and bleeding in the eye. Failing to treat or manage the condition can lead to loss of vision. 


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