Glaucoma Drainage Device Surgery

Glaucoma Drainage Device Surgery

Glaucoma Drainage Device Surgery

Glaucoma Drainage Device Surgery

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Glaucoma is a broad category of eye diseases that negatively impact the optic nerve that is located in the back of the eye and responsible for transferring the information that comes through your eye to your brain. Issues that arise at the optic nerve can cause serious vision problems and even blindness.

Patients who are diagnosed with glaucoma often have a variety of different treatment options at their disposal to treat a wide variety of different issues. One of the most concerning problems associated with glaucoma is the increase in fluid within the eye that increases the intraocular pressure.

Unfortunately, in the early stages, many patients do not know that anything is wrong, but only begin to notice the issue as their vision begins to deteriorate. This is one of the most important reasons that we suggest that patients get regular eye exams to help monitor the health of their eyes and identify any problems when they are small.

While treatment of glaucoma can often be managed for years through the use of medication, special drops, glaucoma can still sometimes progress to a point that utilizing these options is no longer a good option. Instead, one option for patients is the introduction of a glaucoma drainage device.

What Does the Drainage Device Do?

There are a variety of different drainage devices available to help meet your needs, but the procedure places a shunt into the eye that is used to divert excess fluid (the aqueous humor) out of the intraocular space and into a special reservoir. This helps to reduce the fluid within the eye and reduces the overall pressure that can damage the optical nerve. Another approach is to place a similar device into the eye, but rather than divert the fluid into a special reservoir, the fluid is absorbed by the eye’s veins and transported away from the eye cavity.

How Does the Procedure Work

Once our talented staff have been able to review your case and we find that you are a great candidate for this approach, we will help to develop a complete treatment plan for you. We will review this plan and ensure that you understand all the details of our approach. During this time, feel free to ask questions so that you know how the process works and exactly what will happen. Once we have agreed on the plan, we can schedule your surgery.

The entire surgery is completed as an outpatient procedure. A small incision is made into the eye so that the shunt can be properly placed. Once the system has been properly placed and situated, we can close the incision. The entire product that is now helping to reduce the pressure in your eye is covered by the eye’s own external covering, so you do not have to worry about something looking unnatural or sticking out of your eye.

Who is a Candidate?

Generally, anytime that we recommend a surgery, it is because we have tried other options that have not been successful. This is also the case for a glaucoma drainage device. If you have tried other options and they have completely failed or stopped being effective, this may be an option for you. However, we can only determine that after we have conducted an exam, so call Quality Eye Care today to schedule your appointment.


Glaucoma can be a serious eye condition that can ultimately damage or steal your vision. However, ensuring that you properly manage the condition by working with our professional staff can help reduce the effects and progression of glaucoma for you. Call Quality Eye Care and see the difference we can make.